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Kinds of Intelligence
Sternberg's Model
Spearman's Model
Sternberg's Model
Gardner's Multiple Intelligences


Robert Stenberg was born in 1949 and is currently alive today. Sternberg proposed a model of intelligence that is called the triarchic theory of intelligence. The three components are:
1) Analytical intelligence - The ability to break down a problem or situation into its components. This type is assessed by most intelligence tests.

2) Creative intelligence - The ability to cope with novelty and solve problems in new and unusual ways.

3) Practical intelligence - Also known as common sense. This type of intelligence is the one that is understood by the public but it is missing from standard intelligence tests.

Sternberg's triachic theory of intelligence can be applied to teaching and evaluating students. It matches instruction to the stengths that students exhibit in each component of the intelligence model. The theory places emphasis on the process of the intelligence.

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